Philosopher Speaking
About Me!
A hello loyal human, I, Confucius, was born as a “king without a crown”, and my family was noble, but was poor because nobody cared during the time of my birth, the “era of the warring states”. But luckily when I was young I was a boy, so I had a good education, where I outshined! I have virtuous knowledge to share, and I can’t help heal the world. Our universe is being rude and unreasonable, students need to learn to be virtuous and achieve the greatness of mortal character! We need to live life in harmony, and any social class I accept unless you are lazy, and therefore worthless! Good education is not only important, but family is also very prime! Humans should have five basic relationships: parent to child, this is the most important, husband to wife, brother to brother, emperor to subject, and friend to friend. My teachings are worthy, but I have died a failure, and all my work is worthless.
Han Fezi-
Han Fezi is all, these people are so selfish, and humans are naturally evil. We need to do something, and death is the best punishment. I am your ruler, and you will listen to me so that we will remain in peace! Muahahahaha!!!!! You pariahs are worthless and stupid! My “school of law” will assist you in your tiring and pointless journey so being worth a little. I will burn all other religions for mine is the best, and punishment is key, no matter what you think I am right, and you are a pestly brute! i will hang you publically, skin you, and feed you to the pigs. Or better yet watch you battle my lions naked with only a plank of wood for protection! No matter what Han Fezi WINS!!!!!!!
Lao Tzu-
Just chill, Daoism is key, all you have to do is follow the way, or the dao! Just flow and let Mother Nature let it take her smooth course, like a river, AHHHHH. All the crazy people think that the world is running off course, and trying to change our destiny, I think Mother Nature knows what she is doing! Just CHILLAX…… life is a blessing, just let it beeeeeee……sit back and RELAX!
Research the philosophers and then write in the first person as them: Confucius, Han Fei, Lao Tzu What did they believe in? Quote yourself (As I always say, "....") Give an example of a problem and how you would resolve it as a philosopher.
Dilemma 1
Scientists are worried that globalization has affected our planet. How do you feel about this, how will you .assist this, are the world’s people making the right choices?
Confucius (Confusiousism):

Han Fei Zi (Legalism):
People are evil, they need consequences, are you saying my religion will be lost??? This is pointless, why on earth would people do this are they disrespecting me? Kill them all who cares who they are! Burn all their other silly religious scriptures, let us make the world all legalism, and kill those who object!!!
Lao Tzu (Daoism):
Just let it flow, why do these psychotic people want to change the world and what Mother Nature is leading to? Listen to me, make the right choice and don’t do ANYTHING! Just let it flow man, this is the path we must take, why change our destiny???