Philosophers Speaking

Confucius- Hello I am Confucius. I believe in respecting other people. I believe in five major relationships. Father to son, big brother to little brother, friend to friend, ruler to subjects, and husband to wife. Family is all important. It is very important to respect your parents and really all people older than you. I also think that your education is really important in life. You should all be very good and respectful. Your government will be good if you have a good society. Well goodbye everybody and have a pleasant life. As I said before family is very important. You need to worship your ancestors. You must keep your ancestors happy so that they reward you in life. Bye!

Lao Tzu- Hey man… Everybody I insist that you just go with the flow. Let nature control your life. Let nature take you on a wild journey through life. Just breathe with the winds and flow with the water man. Material riches don’t matter dude. It the soul that makes you rich….yeah man…the soul…. Don’t try to this or that. Don’t be what people want you to be. Be who nature wants you….That’s right…. Nature. I founded the amazing philosophy called Daoism.

Han Fezi- I am Han Fezi and that is all you need to know. Obey me or die!!! I created Legalism. That is right Legalism. Legalism is a super strict philosophy. It all has to do with laws. There are very, very strict laws. To go with those laws I made some punishments for you. Should I break your bones, torture you, or kill you in some way… Maybe decapitation? Also, you better not write books that disagree with me. If you do then I will burn them publicly. I believe that all people are naturally evil. If you are born evil, then why should I not kill you? You are wasting my time…..Leave my sight immediately!!!!