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Confucius: Hello my friends I have written to tell you that I believe that the job of a tax collector is not right for me. I think the other people in the business are cheats and not people I want to spend time with. Also if any of you are getting the idea to stop doing your role in society don’t just go with the flow keep the harmony.
Han Feizi: Hello it is I Han Feizi I have come to tell you about my awesome new philosophy. It is called legalism. In this idea everyone will listen to one ruler and do what that ruler says or they will be very sorry. I am very happy to say the Emperor Quin is using my ingenious philosophy to run his kingdom. So it is either you follow the rules and you are rewarded or you disobey them and you are punished.
Lau Tzu: Hello it is I Lau Tzu. I wanted to ask you some questions. Do you ever feel tired of following philosophies that are strict and make you follow a lot of rules then do I have a philosophy for you. It’s called Taoism. This is a totally one on one kind of personal philosophy. So I encourage you do just go with nature and not have many personal desires and be guided by what you feel not what you see.